Application security analytics for access monitoring

Greenlight Application Security Analytics for Access Monitoring

Organizations must adhere to diverse global, federal, state, and local regulations as well as internal policies and best practices that affect all parts of the business. They must ensure their business ecosystems are secure with effective application monitoring controls which satisfy regulatory and internal requirements in the evolving cyber landscape.

The Challenge

A recent customer was struggling to keep pace with rapidly changing business environment which resulted in employee roles changes. Traditional manual monitoring and management of non-compliance events had become a time-consuming, resource-intensive and often error-prone activity.

Their role designs and other remediation activities did not remove user risks so they need a solution to understand the access and authorization happening across diverse business systems.

The Solution

Greenlight Application Security Monitoring offers an integrated platform that enables automated intake and collaborative workflows to manage regulatory and policy changes. In addition, Greenlight Application Security Monitoring performs continuous user activity and authorization monitoring to automate compliance reporting and proactively discover non-compliance events.

Greenlight applied policy automation across business systems to address regulatory compliance requirements including increasingly more aggressive de-provisioning of former employees. Greenlight monitoring user roles and accounts across business systems such as Spotfire and Midas and correlated that human resources data to identify and alert on provisioned user exceptions.

These exceptions were also transformed for ingestion in third-party compliance solutions such as Splunk and RSA Archer. The exceptions were pushed to external tools on a periodic basis. This data was compiled as evidence on compliance with internal polices and regulations and for reporting on unexpected access and authorizations.

The Results: Achieve Compliance

Numerous regulatory requirements and standards as well as internal policies have driven the implementation of mitigating application monitoring controls to secure data. Greenlight Application Security Monitoring extracted and analyzed application log data to report on compliance and to alert on access and authorizations.

Key Benefits

  • Improve governance, decision-making and response to regulatory changes
  • Accelerate compliance with new and changing mandates
  • Satisfy continuous compliance across the enterprise
  • Easily collect and report compliance with evidence
  • Proactively manage non-compliance events

Why Choose Greenlight

The rapidly changing business environment necessitates proactive continuous application monitoring to satisfy compliance with internal policies as well as external regulations and standards. Companies around the world confidently manage compliance with rules and regulations by utilizing Greenlight. In a recent customer implementation, Greenlight has applied policy automation across more than 400 systems and 50 different policies through 10-12 categories for compliance reporting. With Greenlight, the customer proactively addressed regulatory compliance requirements from over 40 agencies and, more specifically, for SOX, NERC CIP V3, and V5, which includes increasingly more aggressive de-provisioning of former employees. The categories covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Logging and Monitoring
  • Risk Management
  • Operations Management
  • Third Party

With Greenlight for centralized enterprise-wide regulatory response and control compliance processes, organizations can:

  • Eliminate regulatory fines and fees, which can potentially reach the multi-million dollar range
  • Reduce legal fees associated with non-compliant activities and legal actions by 40–50%
  • Reduce cost of manual effort by 50–70%
  • Lower internal audit costs by 5–10%
  • Achieve $1-$4 million in increased business productivity
  • See $1-$3 million in operational benefits


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