Danger Continues to Lurk from the Inside: The Insider Threat May Have Hit Sage

According to the Financial Times, Sage recently reported a breach to authorities that may have impacted up to 300 customers in the UK. Data that was compromised may have included company information such as employee bank account details and employee salaries. It appears as if the breach was tracked down to an employee’s internal login, which was used to gain access to the data.

While most cybersecurity efforts focus on preventing and detecting external threats, the risk from within an organization cannot be ignored. External cyberattacks dominate headlines, yet current and former employees and contractors are the most-cited culprits of incidents, according to the 2015 PwC Global State of Information Security Survey.

The survey highlighted how companies are leveraging Big Data analytics to model and monitor for cybersecurity threats, respond to incidents, and audit and review data to understand how it is used, by whom and when. 49% of respondents believe this provides a better understand of internal threats. 41% feel it leads to a better understanding of user behavior. 40% believe it leads to better visibility into anomalous network activity.

Minimizing the risk of the insider threat requires more. It’s imperative that companies look to end to end monitoring solutions which will facilitate both prevention and detection of malicious activity by insiders; all while enabling privileged access management controls for your executives.

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