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Improve your organization’s cyber security posture and streamline your threat management, risk analytics and compliance requirements

Why Change?

The threat landscape is rapidly evolving. As businesses and organizations increasingly rely on information technology and cyber operations, they are also challenged with securing their critical data and operations from tampering, exposure and/or disruption, all which impact business continuity and revenue. The dynamic nature of the security threats requires continuous prevention, detection and remediation for changes in networks, systems, policies and software which can expose the business to cyber-attacks.

Existing security solutions which prevent, detect, and remediate security events operate on network, device and system level information but are often siloed and disconnected from the business risks of these security alerts and incidents. As a result, cyber security and response teams are often inundated with noisy, low impact security alerts and spend exhaustive efforts chasing down events which have nominal business impact.

Preventive cyber security measures alone can no longer protect your valuable information assets. Firewalls, logon protocols and security alerts are a good first line of defense, but breaches will inevitably occur. Are you protected when they do? And because a growing percentage of breaches result from insider threats, you must develop ways to manage cyber security risk effectively inside your perimeter.

Current challenges include:

  • Surveys cite general lack of cyber security knowledge among business leaders
  • Despite significant investments in security and control solutions, gaps still persist and breaches still occur
  • Current tools do not provide relevant or timely visibility into security on critical data exposure
  • A single pane of glass is missing that can correlate an ever growing list of security requirements into one actionable and prioritized dashboard for security operations

Help is on the way!

Greenlight’s solutions are designed to work with existing security solutions to correlate the business risk to security events and alerts in order to provide streamlined, effective management of threats and improve your security posture.

Greenlight’s Security Risk Analytics leverages data from multiple sources, analyzes application activity, and incorporates asset information and business context to provide true security intelligence with built in risk, compliance and incident management.

Greenlight’s Cyber Governance solution can help you develop a holistic and dynamic road map for managing cyber threats from the top down. And it can help you demonstrate due diligence – and instill confidence – to customers and investors.  Cyber security is no longer an issue that concerns only information technology and security professionals.

Greenlight provides an analytics-based platform for IT executives to monitor their security program and communicate progress and vision to the board. The solution automates the linkage between risks, policies and standards with underlying leading indicators and automated control monitors, highlighting areas of exposure and enabling your business to:

  1. Reduce costs through automation and leveraging previous investments by:
    • Injecting application level transactional security and critical data context into the security program
    • Correlating business and technical data from disparate systems to security risks and requirements
    • Automating tests of IT general computing and security controls
    • Leveraging and integrating with existing on-premise or cloud-based business applications (e.g. SAP, Oracle, etc.), IT systems (e.g. servers, databases, etc.) and security solutions (e.g. SIEM, Vulnerability Scanners, IDS/IPS, etc.) for exception-based monitoring of issues and events
  1. Provide visibility into gaps in meeting internal policies and external security requirements by:
    • Automating the intake and change management of leading frameworks, best practices and regulatory mandates
    • Centralizing security policies and standards against your business priorities (i.e. processes, functions, divisions, organizational units, geographies, locations, assets, etc.)
    • Identifying and addressing gaps in meeting evolving security requirements and emerging threats
  1. Enable a proactive, sustainable, scalable, enterprise solution by
    • Translating the impact of cyber security, insider risks, data breaches, and violations in a business context
    • Reducing the noise and volume of IT alerts
    • Eliminating the manual intensive nature of IT GRC control management and testing
    • Ensuring a single solution that addresses both business & IT requirements for risk and compliance

Learn more about Greenlight’s Regulatory Compliance and Security & IT GRC solutions for Information Security Executives and how you can:

  • Correlate the business risk to security events and alerts. Learn more
  • Benchmark against industry and government standards, policies, and regulations. Learn more
  • Enable policy-based analytics of activity to reduce the risk of insider threat. Learn more

Learn more about Greenlight’s Regulatory Compliance and Security & IT GRC solutions for Finance Executives.


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