Transform controls and compliance management.

Continuous Controls Monitoring

Companies spend millions of dollars and countless hours annually evidencing compliance with internal controls and external regulatory requirements.  This is primarily due to the tedious manual processes, procedures, and tests of control that have been implemented as compliance teams struggle to keep up with the pace of regulatory and technology change.

Continuous controls monitoring can transform controls and compliance management at your organization, moving you from a sample-based, reactive compliance program to an exception-based, proactive compliance strategy.

Greenlight’s Continuous Controls Monitoring Solution

Greenlight offers the industry’s only enterprise continuous monitoring solution.  Our unique integration platform provides companies with the ability to continually monitor exceptions across business and IT controls in a single solution.

  • Continuously assess the effectiveness of controls and predict areas of non-compliance
  • Provide ongoing identification of control deviations with analytics-based transaction monitoring
  • Quantify the financial impact of actual risk to your organization
  • Library of pre-built adapters to business applications and IT systems


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