Uncover the real threats to your crown jewel assets.

Cyber Governance

Provide visibility into business risk based on cyberthreats that will help you both monitor for compliance and improve your company’s overall security posture. With a transparent cybersecurity program, you can communicate key concepts to business users and continuously evolve requirements to better assess, manage, and address cyberthreats – and keep pace with today’s digital marketplace.

  • Before: Organizations spend money and resources to manually compile evidence on control compliance and understand cyber exposure.  These time-consuming activities leave you vulnerable to threat actors who compromise systems and data faster than you can put effective controls in place to detect and mitigate attacks.
  • After: Automated monitoring of IT controls enables accelerated visibility into control effectiveness and identifies gaps in controls. Uncover the real threats to your crown jewel assets with continuous monitoring of your cyber governance program and effectively communicate your cyber posture to the board. In addition, you’ll also be able to:
    • Protect investments by integrating with perimeter security, vulnerability and event management
    • Increase effectiveness with insider threat management and policy-based detection
    • Keep cyberattacks from seriously damaging your company’s reputation

Augment your preventive cyber security solutions

Preventive cybersecurity measures alone can no longer protect your valuable information assets. Firewalls and logon protocols are a good first line of defense. But breaches will inevitably occur. Are you protected when they do? Because a growing percentage of breaches result from insider threats, you must develop ways to manage cybersecurity risk effectively inside your perimeter.

  • Develop a holistic and dynamic road map for managing cyber threats from the top down
  • Analyze the effectiveness of current practices and identify security gaps
  • Translating a technical security topics into terms that key business stakeholders can grasp
  • Demonstrate due diligence to – and instill confidence in – customers and investors

Manage policy centrally for all IT and business applications

The risk of cyberattack is real and growing, but you can proactively manage that risk. Greenlight provides an enterprise-wide, analytics-based platform that lets you institute, monitor, improve, and demonstrate an integrated cyber governance program. To gauge your performance, you can benchmark programs against such standards as the International Standards Organization (ISO) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and show compliance with such regulations as the Payment Card Industry Security Standards (PCISS) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

  • Consolidate risk and compliance requirements across functions and standardize cybersecurity procedures across all your IT and business applications.
  • Align cyber standards with internal controls and operations and clearly communicate your vision and progress on resolving issues
  • Automate the intake of cybersecurity frameworks, mandates, and regulations and the related change management processes
  • Standardize cybersecurity procedures across all your IT and business applications.

Link security events to business impact

Communicating your cybersecurity plans, the performance of your program, and the consequences of breaches to business users, other executives, and your board of directors can be a daunting task. Greenlight helps you visibly chart the performance of your program against key performance indicators and key risk indicators. You can help ensure that your company’s performance compares favorably to that of its peers and recommend where further security investments will boost the bottom line the most. You can move beyond mere methodology to a flexible, intelligent program that evolves in step with today’s fast-paced digital world.

  • Analyze cyberthreats, insider risks, and data breaches – and control exceptions – by line of business
  • Prioritize response and remediation activities according to business impact
  • Reassure business stakeholders of your security posture at a time when the question is not IF a cyberattack will happen, but WHEN it will happen

Don’t let obsolete, incomplete, or misunderstood security measures put your information – or
your company – at risk

With Greenlight you can deliver centralized and standardized security policies that correlate technical data from disparate systems to enterprise-wide security controls. You can integrate new processes with
existing perimeter security, vulnerability management, and event management processes to leverage previous investments. And you can demonstrate – in ways your business users can understand – how tightened cybersecurity can smooth operations, lower costs, and increase revenues.

  • Automate testing of IT general controls
  • Analyze data breaches and control exceptions in a business context
  • Analyze the risk of insider threats and tighten discovery and correction of policy violations
  • Align your vision with best practices and industry regulations as they evolve, proactively closing coverage gaps through continuous exception monitoring


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