Provide more decision-making support

Why Change

The Finance organization is undergoing transformation to evolve from reporting and “number crunching” functions to becoming a strategic business partner with plenty of value to bring to the table.
In the process, the Office of CFO and its organizations, such as Financial Planning & Analysis, Treasury, and Finance Operations, are providing more and more decision-making support to business units and functions.

In today’s fast-changing global environment, to enable the company to achieve the next frontier of competitiveness, profitability, and efficiency, and to meeting the escalating demand from external stakeholders such as the investment community, government regulatory entities, and rating agencies, Finance has a need to retool itself:

  • Build a more integrated relationship with internal and external organization;
  • Supply information for decision-making at a greater speed and volume; and
  • Develop a holistic understanding of what levers and drivers will improve business performance

Greenlight’s Financial Performance and Risk Analytics

Time for Advancement is Now

In very recent surveys of finance leaders, a large percentage responded that building predictive and prescriptive analytics capabilities is critical for their companies’ futures.

Yet, there are gaps in achieving this advancement:

  1. Data from around the global are from disparate systems, causing delayed information transfer
  2. Regulatory and operational risk exposures are mostly not systematized and quantified, making it difficult for the CFO to be proactive about risk
  3. Finance performance and risk metrics tracking are still lacking, causing delay in improvement actions and best practice sharing

We pride ourselves in serving many enterprise customers with integrated advanced risk and financial performance analytics for C-Level decision making and for financial improvement of business processes, including Procure-to-Pay, Order-to-Cash, Supply-and-Demand Balancing and many more. We are working with our customers to push their performance levels higher and higher.

Learn more about Greenlight’s Financial Performance & Risk Analytics, Financial Impact of Risk, and Regulatory Compliance solutions for Finance Executives.