Deliver CFO confidence over financial controls

Financial Impact of Risk

Gain real-time visibility of materialized user risks and the financial exposure those risks have on the business.  Use analytics to see risk exposure trends by business units, plants, purchasing orgs and identify actions to reduce risk.

  • Before: Periodic manual controls are performed by risk owners across the organization. The controls are performed haphazardly, inconsistently or not at all, exposing the business to potential fraud and most likely audit findings. Controls are decentralized, sometimes using only sample data, and cannot be summarized to identify true risk exposure.
  • After: Manage with automated, exception-based controls for continuous visibility of all access risks across all users and all business processes. Reduce risk exposure while ensuring audit readiness

Deliver CFO Confidence over Financial Controls with 100% Traceability

Business can leverage Financial Impact of Risk to transform and embed compliance to gain clear and real-time visibility of user risks and their financial exposure to the business.

FIR enables organizations to:

  • Eliminate outdated, manual and sample based controls
  • Assure 100% transaction traceability, 24 x 7
  • Transform your controls alongside other business transformation activities
  • Ensure integrity and raise trust that their business applications are meeting rigors of financial rules and regulations
  • Compare trends by business units, plants, purchasing orgs; and
  • Quickly identify actions to reduce risk

Continuously Monitor the Situation and Measure Financial Impact, 24 x 7

When a risk is identified, the focus should be on how to control it in order to reduce the impact to the business. This approach is unique because now you can control and quantify actual risks as opposed to the analysis of theoretical/potential issues.

A continuous monitoring program enhances business functions’ ability to:

  • Actually know what users are doing with their access
  • Focus on monitoring policies and rules rather than just their users
  • Quantify actual risks across their enterprise application landscape

By providing business stakeholders with visibility into the actual bottom-line or financial impact of risks on the organization, our customers are moving beyond the potential or theoretical risk in order to prioritize activities based on actual issues impacting the business.

Beyond Monitoring: Improve Business Process

Organizations have been leveraging the rigor of FIR and continuously monitoring to:

  • Identify and resolve all segregation of duties (SoD) and critical action risks in your business over time, regardless of when or how users gained access
  • Monitor critical access to and suspicious activity around PII, financial, and other sensitive data
  • Correlate super user access activities over time to identify trends and suspicious activity
  • Measure the dollar value impact of risks across users and business processes
  • Drive process change with quantified financial exposure, where the risk may be too great for organizations’ appetite


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