Reduce risk and free up cash flow

Financial Performance and Risk Analytics

Reduce Risk and Free Up Cash with the Balance Sheet of the Future™

Whether you are a Line-of-Business decision-maker or a Finance executive striving to be a strategic partner to the business, you could leverage full analytics of business drivers, transactional data, and risk factors to make high-velocity and fact-based decisions.

  • Before: To analyze a new situation and work toward a decision, there is simply too much data from too many sources. It is difficult to organize the data into usable information. It may take the IT and Finance counterparts weeks and months to come back with the report and analysis. By then, the situation may have changed again.
  • After: Executives use scenario analysis and real-time recommendations to take actions to attain increased performance of key business operations. Now they can select strategic suppliers worldwide, consider currency effects in Treasury and Procurement, streamline Order-to-Cash, Procure-to-Pay and other processes worldwide, when previous attempts were less than satisfactory, with all the necessary facts and analysis!

Financial Performance and Risk Analytics offers:

  • Balance Sheet of the Future™ for continuous improvements with end-goals in mind
  • Recommended actions for decision-makers to make business changes
  • Dynamic correlation of business drivers and metrics to detect opportunities as conditions change
  • Flexible navigation of business scope for analysis and enhancement
  • 24×7 diligence and continuous monitoring to track progress, risks and deviations
  • 360° transactional visibility
  • Tight integrations with external and internal sources (pre-build network of 80+ systems including SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Cloud Systems, and many more)

Deliver real-time decision-making environment for Finance and Lines of Business

Our Analytics platform and solutions enables decision-makers to:

  • Drive the next (long) mile of improvements in profitability, working capital, competitiveness related to components of company financial statements
  • Conduct scenario analysis on real-time data to get reliable and quick feedback in granular business, product and geographic scope
  • Get creative recommendations from proven predictive methods
  • Communicate fact-based considerations to stakeholders

Focus on Business Process and Persistent Problems

Our Analytics platform draws information from domain specific applications and enterprise systems to capture all relevant data, enable end-to-end process visibility and drive strategic and (now possible) day-to-day decisions. Sample success stories include:

  • Supply-Demand balancing with risk exposure considerations in global and local business scope
  • Preferred supplier with considerations of global performance, payment terms and local factors
  • Currency fluctuations and its effects on procurement and supply/demand allocations
  • Next (long) mile of working capital improvements in DPO, DIO and DSO
  • Capital budgeting decisions after taking into account broad-based financial and risk factors