Continuously monitor sensitive data.

Insider Threat

While most cybersecurity efforts focus on preventing and detecting external threats, the risk from within an organization cannot be ignored. External cyber attacks dominate headlines, yet current and former employees or contractors and partners are the most-cited culprits of incidents, according to the 2015 PwC Global State of Information Security Survey.

To minimize the risk of insider threat, companies must look to end to end monitoring solutions which will facilitate both prevention and detection of malicious activity by insiders; all while enabling privileged access management controls for all applications, systems and databases.

Greenlight’s Insider Threat Management

Greenlight’s solution for insider threat enables organizations to not only manage the lifecycle of privileged account access, but also to continuously monitor activity against sensitive data or for policy and compliance violations.

The solution:

  • Fully automates the end to end process of granting and tracking activities performed by privileged users in business applications, cloud solutions and legacy homegrown systems
  • Acts as an independent system of record that prevents audit trail manipulation & provides complete history of all privileged account activities
  • Eliminates the use of shared administration passwords
  • Enables policy-based and behavioral analytics of activity to reduce the risk of malicious insiders


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