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Extending SAP Access Control – Maximise Your ROI

If you’re only leveraging SAP Access Control today to manage user access for your SAP ERP systems, you’re not maximizing your ROI. Learn how leveraging automation and the preventative capabilities of  SAP Access Control across all of your business applications can maximize your cost savings and bring additional value to the business.

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Business Controls Automation: Redefining Control Automation, Monitoring & Enforcement

Featuring Michael Rasmussen of GRC 20/20.

Organizations need complete 360° situational awareness and visibility into internal controls across systems to stay compliant and protect the business. Advances in technology for internal control management, automation, and continuous monitoring now enable organizations to achieve a real-time, integrated view of enterprise risks and controls across business systems, applications, processes and roles without human intervention.

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Transform Governance, Risk & Compliance for Your Digital Enterprise

Jointly hosted with Protiviti.

In today’s modern world, we have a dynamic enterprise where it’s no longer just your core ERP that’s in scope for audit and compliance. Your enterprise has evolved, and now includes a heterogenous mix of on-premise, cloud and legacy homegrown applications — all of which are considered financially relevant. The real challenge is assessing cross application SOD access, then reviewing transactional data to test mitigating controls, and then trying to quantify the financial impact of risk, all manually and across all of your applications.

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Webinar: The Countdown to GDPR Webinar Series: Breaking Down the 72-hour Breach Notification Rule

You have all the right security measures in place but it still happened. You’ve been breached and the clock is ticking. You have 72 hours to report it to the supervisory authority as part of GDPR regulations or you risk receiving devastating fines – up to €20 million or 4% of global revenues, whichever is higher. In that 72 hours, you have to uncover what data was breached, how much was accessed, who may be affected by it, and how it happened. That’s no easy task but you can’t risk missing the deadline. And that’s why you need to view this Webinar. You will discover everything you need to know about GDPR’s 72 hour breach notification rule

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Webinar: Stop the Inside Threat: Firefighting and Audit Trails for SAP Ariba

60% of attacks are carried out by insiders. Despite this startling statistic, 61% of organizations don’t monitor privileged users more closely than regular users. So what are you doing to monitor privileged users in SAP Ariba? Now you can stop the inside threat and gain a complete audit trail of activity within SAP Ariba. View this 30 minute Webinar to find out how to effectively balance the need to provide exceptional access without circumventing access-control barriers.

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Webinar: Q3 2020 Material Weakness Filing Report – How to Avoid Risk with Automated Financial Controls

Are material weakness filings accelerating as the pandemic continues to add complexity to managing compliance? Which companies are falling short when it comes to managing their financial controls?

We’ll uncover answers to these questions and more as CFO Mark Kissman reviews the latest quarterly filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. He’ll then cut through the noise and provide you with the best practices needed to build a robust ICFR program that protects the enterprise, even during today’s turbulent working environment.

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Data Sheets
Greenlight Company Overview

A comprehensive company overview detailing product, solution, and technology highlights and Greenlight’s philosophy as a leading vendor in the access governance space.

Greenlight Platform Overview

Greenlight’s platform provides visibility to all applications, all users, all transactions, and all risks across the entire enterprise – all the time.

Report: Redefining Control Automation, Monitoring & Enforcement

In this report, Michael Rasmussen, the GRC Pundit, outlines how companies must adapt their outdated, manual approaches to internal controls to adapt to the complexity of today’s fast-paced business environment.

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Report: GRC 20/20 Report: Internal Controls by Design An Integrated & Continuous Approach to Managing Controls

In this report, Michael Rasmussen, the GRC Pundit, provides a blueprint on effective internal control management strategies to transform governance from being based on trust to being based on facts.

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eBook: 10 Killer PAM Strategies – Steps to Prevent Privileged Users from Wreaking Havoc on Your Applications

As more companies turn to a remote workforce due to the pandemic, the number of requests for privileged users continues to skyrocket. For many, this process was already a bottleneck prior to this influx of requests, leading to business disruption. Now the process can be overwhelming. Take action and download this ebook to quickly see how to protect your company as it moves remote.

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eBook: Top 5 Ways Your Procurement System Is Vulnerable to Inside Threats

How do you prevent the inside threat in your procurement system? Whether you use SAP Ariba, Coupa or other system, this is a critical area you must address. Download our eBook to discover the top 5 vulnerabilities & how you can close the security gap!

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eBook: Extend SAP Access Control to SAP Cloud and Non-SAP Applications

Download this free eBook to find out how you can extend SAP Access Control to monitor transactions and master data changes in real-time across all of your SAP cloud and non-SAP applications to uncover the moment a violation occurs.

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eBook: Upgrade and Modernize Oracle GRC – Automate Access Controls & Transaction Monitoring Enterprise-wide

By automating enterprise control monitoring across all critical business applications, not just Oracle EBS or PeopleSoft, you can more comprehensively and cost effectively detect and prevent control deficiencies. This will enable you to increase process efficiencies, make better informed decisions, reduce risk, eliminate top line losses and minimize bottom line costs.

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eBook: An Insider Threat Checklist for Your Business-Critical Applications: 10 Steps You Must Take to Prevent the Inside Threat from Wreaking Havoc on Your Applications

The inside threat can be devastating. According to a recent Ponemon Institute study, the total average cost of an inside breach is $8.76 million. Out of the 3,269 insider incidents it reviewed, 64% were due to negligence, 23% were related to criminal activity, and 13% were based on user credential threat. Making it even harder for security teams is that Individual applications are starting to become a growing target for the inside threat. Download the Insider Threat Checklist now to see the top steps you need to take to protect your business-critical applications!

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