Extend SAP Access Control and quantify risk

Access Violation Management

SAP® Access Violation Management by Greenlight reduces manual mitigating controls for Segregation of Duties (SoD) and quantifies your financial exposure from identity and access management risk to see the dollar value impact on your business. You are able to centralize your access governance processes and enable exception-based monitoring so you can automate violation identification and review, streamline access-risk processes, and cut governance costs.

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Assess the Financial Exposure of Access Risk

SAP Access Violation Management by Greenlight reduces manual activities and enables the business to assess the financial exposure caused by business processes and user transactions, making compliance a byproduct of good operational controls. You’ll be able to expand visibility into the financial impact that SoD risks have on the organization, empower management to take corrective action where the risk exceeds thresholds, improve compliance, and reduce fraud, errors and omissions.
Key features include:

  • Summarization of the financial dollar value of access violations
  • Exception-based monitoring for business users
  • Comprehensive library of automated segregation-of-duties (SoD) controls
  • Intuitive interface designed for business users
  • Extension of the functionality of the SAP Access Control application

View the video to learn about Jabil’s selection process, implementation, lessons learned, and key successes they have realized with SAP Access Violation Management by Greenlight.

Enable Exception-based Monitoring

With this solution, you’ll be able to automate the testing and reporting of access violations across enterprise systems. It offers timely exception-based monitoring of SoD events, risk alerts across all business applications (including third-party systems), improved business confidence in access risk governance, minimized fraud and inappropriate superuser access, and immediate compliance.

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Reduce Enterprise-wide Access Governance Costs

Companies around the world confidently mitigate risk and comply with rules and regulations by utilizing SAP Access Violation Management by Greenlight. It sets a corporate-wide standard for reporting SoD events, enables SoD review with an efficient and auditable process, identifies risks 100% with transaction monitoring versus sampling, manages access risk threats across the entire enterprise, and provides greater confidence for internal audit and compliance, management, and external audit with centralized information.

Achieve Significant Business Benefits

You have the opportunity to achieve significant benefits from adopting the SAP Access Violation Management by Greenlight application. Depending on your revenue and industry, objective third-party and SAP benchmarks of other companies indicate the potential benefit is significant. You can achieve annual savings of $1-$3 million in reduced compliance costs, $1-$4 million in increased business productivity, and $1-$3 million in operational benefits.


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