Gain visibility into business risk based on internal and external threats


SAP Regulation Management, cyber governance edition

The risk of cyberattack is real and growing, but SAP Regulation Management, cyber governance edition helps you proactively manage that risk. It runs on an enterprise-wide, analytics-based platform that lets you institute, monitor, improve, and demonstrate an integrated cyber governance program. You can:

  • Consolidate risk and compliance requirements across functions and clearly communicate your vision and progress on resolving issues.
  • Automate the intake of cybersecurity frameworks, mandates, and regulations and the related change management processes.
  • Standardize cybersecurity procedures across all your IT and business applications.
  • Align cyberstandards with internal controls and operations.

Pinpoint Gaps in Internal and External Coverage

Even the most rigorous cybersecurity program is ineffective without constant monitoring and updating. SAP Regulation Management, cyber governance edition helps you highlight missing or incomplete requirements across your cybersecurity framework. It enables you to conduct an impact analysis to identify gaps in policies and controls by framework, regulation, or line of business. You can also prioritize corrective measures to make the most of existing investments and recommend new security spend that best protects your highest-value assets and information.

The cyber governance edition also helps you correlate external and internal security events. By integrating with the SAP Process Control application, you can automate testing of general IT controls across systems and applications. In addition, you can institute exception-based monitoring of invasive security events and policy or control violations and facilitate insider-threat management and policy-based detection. This becomes imperative due to the high number of applications most organizations are running.

Link Performance and Event Management to Business Impact

Communicating your cybersecurity plans, the performance of your program, and the consequences of breaches to business users, other executives, and your board of directors can be a daunting task. SAP Regulation Management, cyber governance edition helps you visibly chart the performance of your program against key performance indicators and key risk indicators. You can analyze cyberthreats, insider risks, and data breaches – and control exceptions – by line of business. And you can prioritize response and remediation activities according to business impact.

Once all your stakeholders are working together to advance cybersecurity initiatives, you gain time to investigate new practices and emerging threats. You can help ensure that your company’s performance compares favorably to that of its peers and recommend where further security investments will boost the bottom line the most. Then move beyond mere methodology to a flexible, intelligent program that evolves in step with today’s fast-paced digital world.

Tally the Benefits of Cyber Governance from SAP

SAP Regulation Management, cyber governance edition delivers centralized and standardized security policies that correlate technical data from disparate systems to enterprise-wide cybersecurity controls. It integrates new processes with existing perimeter security, vulnerability management, and event management processes to leverage previous investments. And it helps you demonstrate – in ways your business users can understand – how tightened cybersecurity can smooth operations, lower costs, and increase revenues.

You can automate testing of IT general controls and analyze data breaches and control exceptions in a business context. And analyze the risk of insider threats and tighten discovery and correction of cyberpolicy violations. For maximum value, you can also align your vision with best practices and industry regulations as they evolve, proactively closing coverage gaps through continuous exception monitoring.


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