Confidently respond to regulatory changes

Regulation Management

SAP® Regulation Management by Greenlight allows you to confidently assess and respond to regulatory changes, accelerate compliance with new mandates, and expand controls automation across the enterprise. The application enables you to establish accountability and share best practices across key stakeholders, standardize disparate regulatory requirements, and demonstrate end­-to­-end compliance. You can take a holistic approach to managing regulatory changes, and integrate with internal controls processes so that compliance becomes a by­product of operational best practices.

Assess and Respond to Regulatory Changes with Confidence

With SAP Regulation Management, you can centrally manage and report on regulatory requirements and prioritize the impact of changes to the business. The application acts as a single authoritative source for alerts and requirements intake, eliminating silos and enabling standardization across regulatory mandates.

Collaborative workflow and decision-­making functionality allow you to establish accountability among stakeholders and involve the right people at the right time when reviewing source documents and regulatory mandates.

Key features enable you to:

  • Establish accountability and unify regulatory requirements across key stakeholders
  • Align regulatory requirements with internal control activities and operations
  • Automate execution and testing of controls across enterprise systems
  • Utilize a single authoritative source for regulatory alerts and requirements intake
  • Identify of compliance gaps in meeting new or changed regulatory requirements
  • Centrally manage and report on regulatory and compliance requirements across the organization
  • Enable auditability for enterprise regulatory compliance processes
  • Reduce cost and risk of control redundancy

Accelerate Compliance with New and Changing Mandates

SAP Regulation Management enables you to align regulatory requirements with internal control activities and operational execution to speed compliance with new and changing mandates. Interactive requirement­-to­-control mapping functionality allows you to quickly identify and address gaps in meeting new compliance requirements.

You can take advantage of existing controls and eliminate control redundancies. When regulatory gaps are identified, you can propose new controls for evaluation. The application integrates with SAP Process Control for controls management, evaluation, and issue resolution. Prebuilt dashboards and reports provide management a centralized view of compliance across regulations and allow you to demonstrate a regulatory compliance pro­cess for auditability.

Expand Control Automation across Various Domains

With SAP Regulation Management, you can automate operational execution, compliance testing, and audit reporting of controls across your enterprise systems. By integrating with other SAP solutions for governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), you can unify compliance processes and reduce the cost and complexity of achieving your compliance objectives.

SAP Regulation Management integrates with SAP Process Control to automate controls testing and to extend continuous monitoring of controls effectiveness across operational, financial, and IT systems. It also integrates with SAP Access Control, enabling centralized access governance and providing insights into the financial impact of access risk to make better, more proactive decisions about access control.


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