SAP resells Greenlight's solutions

Access Violation Management for S/4HANA

With Access Violation Management, you can go-live with automated, exception-based controls on Day 1, minimizing your exposure of significant audit findings and have confidence all issues are identified and resolved before your audit. Key solution elements include:

  • Automate identification and review of materialized access violations across all users and business processes
  • Deliver actionable reporting that drives timely response by the business to resolve risks
  • Assess the financial dollar value of risk by organizational elements & business processes

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SAP Access Violation Management by Greenlight, Risk Assessment Edition

SAPĀ® Access Violation Management by Greenlight reduces manual mitigating for Segregation of Duties (SoD) and quantifies financial exposure from identity and access management risk, in order to visualize the monetary value impact to the business. Key solution elements include:

  • Automation of control mitigation process for segregation of duties
  • Exception-based monitoring for actual segregation of duties conflicts that occur during transaction processing
  • Quantification of financial exposure of access risk to drive change

Objective third-party and SAP benchmarks of companies indicate the potential benefit is significant: annual savings of $1-$3 million in reduced compliance costs, $1-$4 million in increased business productivity, and $1-$3 million in operational benefits.

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SAP Access Violation Management by Greenlight, Enterprise Integration Edition

Enterprise Integration Edition extends SAP Solutions for GRC to manage and monitor additional SAP and non-SAP systems. Key aspects of solution includes:

  • Automated monitoring of real-time risk across enterprise-wide business applications to establish a consistent policy and prevent duplication of effort
  • Extended real-time risk analysis and management functions across 80+ enterprise systems and applications
  • Certified and endorsed to SAP systems for real-time synchronization of users, roles, and user security information to non-SAP systems

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SAP Regulation Management by Greenlight

SAP Regulation Management responds to regulatory changes, accelerates compliance with new and changing mandates, and expands controls automation across systems. Key aspects of the solution includes:

  • The single authoritative repository for regulatory alerts and change management
  • Gap identification in meeting evolving regulatory requirements
  • Automation in execution and testing of controls across enterprise systems
  • Continuous monitoring detects, prevents, resolves and manages risks across transactions
  • Predictions on areas of non-compliance

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SAP Regulation Management by Greenlight, cyber governance edition

SAP Regulation Management, cyber governance edition proactively manages cyber risk utilizing an enterprise-wide, analytics-based platform that enables you to institute, monitor, improve, and demonstrate an integrated cyber governance program. Key solution elements include:

  • Automation of intake and change management to cater to frequent changes in cybersecurity frameworks and mandates
  • Gap identification and management for evolving security requirements
  • Business management relating to impact of cybersecurity, insider risks, data breaches, and violations
  • Exception-based monitoring of control violations that leverages and integrates with existing security solutions

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