Greenlight is the official partner of SAP

Extend SAP GRC to extend access governance controls for SoD and compliance Regulations to over 100 other systems

SAP is Partnered with Greenlight to Add Cross Application Governance

Extend SAP GRC with Cross Application SoD governance, Firefighter Access, and Transaction Monitoring

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Ensure all your systems are covered with our 100+ integrations

Risk and compliance are three dimensional

  • Control allows your organization to manage access across every system that contains critical data and enable users to develop a 360-degree view of risk and compliance.
  • With over 100 integrations developed for the most popular apps, Greenlight has you covered as you add new systems.
  • Control makes it easy to add applications to your risk and compliance purview so you can understand where potential SOD violations exist.

See Greenlight in action across systems and applications

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Solve Elevated Access across all your applications
  • Automatically kill sessions if user behavior looks risky.
  • Use Greenlight’s Emergency Access Management (EAM) module to monitor user actions when access to critical systems is elevated.


  • Create auditable logs of activity for compliance and audit purposes.
  • Automatically remove elevated permissions once a session ends so you never forget to reset access.


  • Manage elevated access across all applications in one centralized panel.
  • Stop using multiple solutions to track and manage access for multiple systems – do it all with Greenlight.


Through our global Cloud Edition reseller agreement with Greenlight, we are giving customers more flexible deployment and pricing options to meet their access governance needs

Global Vice President, Software Solutions, SAP
Add Transaction Monitoring

Monitor every click, and field value change

Choose a partner who will help you scale on your journey to Zero Trust.
Unlike our competitors, Greenlight’s platform goes far beyond audit and compliance.

Our solutions provide complete visibility into user activities, advanced conditional access, deep UEBA and application security, and Zero Trust usage-based provisioning.

As your organization moves toward a least privilege security model, our solutions will help secure your data every step of the way.

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