Improve your cyber security posture

Security Risk Analytics

Greenlight ensures security alerts are prioritized based on actual activity through real-time monitoring of critical business data and provides visibility on multiple fronts of IT security – risk, threats, and compliance – to enable rapid remediation and mitigation of events which have the most business impact. The solution:

  • Secures your applications and data with real-time transaction, application and critical data monitoring
  • Manages threats based on your business risks by correlating existing IT alerts with security risks, business activity and asset criticality
  • Automates your compliance activities by incorporating regulatory and best practice requirements to define security controls that are then monitored in real-time
  • Quantifies risks, indicators, drivers, and impact for board room reporting on security posture

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Cyber Governance

Greenlight helps better manage you security program, uncovers the real threats to your crown jewel assets with continuous automated monitoring of IT controls, and accelerates visibility into control effectiveness and gap analysis. The solution:

  • Protects investments by integrating with perimeter security, vulnerability and event management
  • Augments existing security solutions by managing cybersecurity risk inside your perimeter
  • Increases effectiveness with insider threat management as well as with policy-based and behavioral detection
  • Keeps cyber attacks from seriously damaging your company’s reputation

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Insider Threat

Greenlight manages privileged or super user access and continuously monitors sensitive data across your business applications, cloud solutions or legacy homegrown systems. The solution:

  • Enables policy-based analytics for protecting against malicious insider activities
  • Ensures an independent system of record that prevents audit trail manipulation and provides complete history of all privileged account activities
  • Automates the end-to-end process for granting and tracking activities performed by privileged users, super users and administrators

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