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Security Risk Analytics

Traditional security solutions only recognize potential security events and operate on network, device and system level information. These solutions are typically siloed and disconnected from the business impact of potential cyber attacks and data breaches because they lack the right context.

Security Risk Analytics works with existing security solutions as well as business applications, such as your ERP, cloud or other on premise systems, to monitor actual business activity against your most critical or sensitive data. With Greenlight you can correlate business risks to user actions and security events, streamlining management of high-risk activities to improve your overall security posture.

  • Before: Security teams are often inundated with noisy alerts from disparate security solutions and must expend time and resources chasing down events that may have little to no business impact.
  • After: Security alerts are prioritized based on actual activity through real-time monitoring of critical business data and provides visibility on multiple fronts of cyber security – risk, threats, and compliance – to enable rapid remediation and mitigation of events which have the most business impact.

Secure Your Applications and Critical Data

Real-time transaction and application monitoring sheds light into a typically overlooked blind spot in securing critical data. With Secure your applicationsdeeper insight into application activity, Greenlight offers application level security with real-time awareness of user actions on your critical data.

  • Monitor user activity against sensitive, regulated and/or business-data critical in business applications
  • Baseline normal user activity in your business applications for actionable behavioral analytics and insight into risky business activities
  • Detect user and application anomalies which could be an indication of suspicious activity and a potential breach, enabling faster remediation of risky events.


Manage Threats Based on Your Business Risks

Ensure you have the right business context to effectively manage cyber threats. Greenlight aggregates data from your security prevention, detection and remediation platforms and correlates that data with security risks, business activity and asset criticality. This provides you with a risk-based approach to securing your environment and enables a business level view into the who, what, where and when of security events.

  • Streamlined threat management accelerates triaging, investigation and remediation before alerts manifest into a cyber attack or data breach.
  • Continuous risk assessment correlates key risk indicators, compliance failures, security events, critical assets, external threat intelligence feeds, asset vulnerability ratings and more.
  • Risk evaluation across multiple business hierarchies including business process, line of business, geographies or products/services.
  • Real-time calculation of threat levels at the business process and operations level to provide an actionable scoring on current security alerts and related vulnerable assets
  • Predictive risk analysis for identification of security events with the most business impact in order to direct resources to high risk business processes, services and IT assets

Automate Your Compliance Activities

Incorporate regulatory requirements and best practice content to define policies, requirements and controls that will facilitate Automate compliancecompliance analytics, applicability analysis, impact assessment and risk assessment. Greenlight helps you ensure requirements are understood, risks are identified, assessed, and controls are implemented then monitored for effectiveness.

  • Continuous monitoring of IT controls to perform gap analysis and compliance with external regulations, standards, frameworks and requirements and well as internal security initiatives
  • Correlation of control data to business groups, functions and operations, providing context to ensure control violations are managed appropriately
  • Compliance reports baseline security readiness empowering executives to escalate compliance programs and communication

Your Defense Against the Rapidly Changing Threat Landscape

Greenlight’s Security Risk Analytics leverages data from multiple sources, analyzes application activity, and incorporates asset information and business context to provide true security intelligence with built in risk, compliance and incident management.

  • Situational awareness of security risks with business context from a single pane of glass
  • Actionable insights to enforce a defensible and resilient cyber posture
  • Real-time, flexible board room reporting on information leakage, service degradation and disruption, data tampering, and other risks from the business operations perspective



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